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Water Wells

Looking for a certified water well drilling contractor or pump installer? Registered by the Bureau for Public Health, Three-D Drilling is a company you can trust when you need drilling and installation done right. Our first class equipment and certified team members are available to perform on-site inspections in both West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

During these inspections, our team will analyze site accessibility, consider potential well locations, explain installation procedures and advise you about any unanticipated costs.

Here’s how it works:

  The Drilling & Installation Process 

  1. Planning: First, we will discuss important details such as site location and what well-drilling permits will need to be obtained and submitted to the local health department.
  2. Drilling: A drilling rotator acts as a grinding machine, clearing away the earth beneath the well location.
  3. Well Casing: The newly drilled well is lined with well casing, which strengthens the sides of the well hole.
  4. Well Screening: If the well is drilled in an area with high amounts of gravel or sediments, well screening will be placed to sift out any rocks and sand.
  5. Grouting: Next, the space between the drill hole and well casing is filled with grout to prevent surface water from contaminating the aquifer.
  6. Backwashing: The well is flushed out to stabilize the well and eliminate any loose fragments.
  7. Capping and Water-Surfacing: The well is capped with a seal and a pump is attached to push water to the surface.
  8. Completion & Installation forms: Well completion and pump installation forms are filled out and submitted to the local health department within 30 days following installation.


Depending on the depth and quantity of water, your water well drilling and installation could take between one day and one week to be completed. Contact Three-D Drilling today for specifics on your particular well location.

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