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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you drill in Maryland?

No. We are not licensed to drill water wells in Maryland.

Q:  Do you guarantee water?  

We cannot guarantee there will be water.

Q: How far do you have to drill?

We drill until we hit what we feel is a sufficient supply of water for your household.

Q: What do you consider a “good” gallons per minute?

This varies depending on household size.

Q: How far from the septic and drain field does a well need to be?

A well needs to be at least 50 ft. from septic and 100 ft. from the drain field.

Q: Do you test the well water?

We test the water for iron, Ph and hardness. We can also do more extensive testing upon your request.

Q: Do you do “witching”?

Yes, we do!

Q: Can I install my own pump?

A pump has to be installed by a certified pump installer. If you wish to install your own well, you must contact the local health department and take a test.

Q: How does the water get from the well to the house?

The water travels through the pitless adaptor.

Q: How do you know how much casing to put in?

The law states that well casing must be five feet into the bedrock, and state law requires a minimum of 20 feet to be installed in the well.

Q: What is “well liner”?  

The well liner keeps gravel, cuttings and rock debris from falling on top of the pump.

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